Heat, Health, and Housing; Organizing for Resident-Led Climate Strategies

A collaborative project of Everett Community Growers, Mystic River Watershed Association, and the Healthy Neighborhoods Study, made possible through an Environmental Protection Agency grant.

A group of residents attending a workshop on developing resident led solutions for Heat, Health, and Housing in Everett. A large group is seated facing the facilitator in the workshop space.

No one knows everything.

Together, we know a lot..

In August 2022, a group of residents came together for a series of six workshops centered on Heat, Health, and Housing in Everett with the goal of developing resident-led strategies to better our community. And they haven’t stopped….

Our workshop photos
Image of a group of individuals working on a collaborative project as part of the heat, health, and housing workshop series. This was featured in the Boston Globe article.
Thank you Boston Globe for highlighting the work being done in Everett and Chelsea! Click for full article.

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