Everett Community Growers (ECG) is a community-based food justice organization working to improve health and racial equity through urban agriculture, youth workforce development, and equitable policy change. 
We believe that everyone in Everett should have access to healthy, affordable, culturally appropriate food.
By creating spaces across the city for growing food and engaging community members, ECG is working to:

→  Improve food access, 
→  Build community among diverse residents,
→  Help raise up marginalized voices in public processes,
→ Repurpose underutilized urban spaces. 

Our Locations

Everett Community Growers operates Florence St. and Tremont St. Community Gardens in Everett, MA. While the Northern Strand Community Trail is undergoing renovation, we have continued growing at our new farm location at 548 Broadway in Everett, MA. At Everett Community Growers we are truly committed to growing our community one garden at a time!

The ECG Farmstand is now open at 548 Broadway in Everett!
The ECG Youth Crew has been working hard harvesting, and preparing produce to sell at their farmstand. We are open every Wednesday for 3 pm- 6 pm pick-up and Saturdays 9:00 am -12:00 pm at our farmstand. So far, our beds have grown peas, radishes, beets, kale, mustard greens, spinach, tomatoes, eggplant and so much more!
Order here for Wednesday pick-up from 3 pm- 6 pm!

Use your benefits at the ECG Farmstand
Do you have children in the Everett Public Schools?
If so, you can use your P-EBT card at the ECG Farmstand! 

Did you know you can receive free produce at the Farmstand when you use your SNAP benefits? 
Click here to learn more about the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) or contact us to learn more about this incredible program.  

The ECG Farm has Moved

Everett Community Growers’ Farm has relocated for the season!

We will remain growing while the Northern Strand Community Trail is rebuilt. ECG has relocated to the Old Everett High School at 548 Broadway, Everett, MA 02149, right in the heart of Everett. ECG is looking forward to collaborating with the City of Everett, Everett Public Schools, and Cambridge Health Alliance to create additional educational and outreach opportunities while providing locally sourced, affordable, and nutritious produce to our community.

ECG’s Farmstand

The History of ECG

Everett Community Growers (ECG) was born out of a collaborative project of the Everett Community Health Partnership (ECHP) to create resident-led solutions to food access inequities in Everett. A two-year community organizing campaign guided by La Comunidad, Inc. led to the creation of Everett’s first community garden, the Florence Street Community Garden, in 2012.  Since then, ECG has created the Tremont Street Community Garden (2015), Earthworks Garden (2018) & the Northern Strand Community Farm (2016). 

We have also conducted land inventories to assess sites in the city suitable for urban agriculture, partnered with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and the City of Everett on Everett’s first Community Food Assessment and Plan, which includes policy recommendations for a more equitable food system. Since then, ECG has been working with the City of Everett on creating Everett’s first Food Policy Council.

If you are interested in joining ECG and the City of Everett in this amazing opportunity to be a part of Everett’s first Food Policy Council, please fill out this form here.