Everett Community Growers (ECG) is a community-based food justice organization working to improve health and equity through urban agriculture, youth workforce development, and equitable policy change. 
We believe that everyone in Everett should have access to healthy, affordable, culturally appropriate food.
By creating spaces across the city for growing food and engaging community members, ECG is working to:

→  Improve food access, 
→  Build community among diverse residents,
→  Help raise up marginalized voices in public processes,
→ Repurpose underutilized urban spaces. 

The History of ECG

Everett Community Growers (ECG) was born out of a collaborative project of the Everett Community Health Partnership (ECHP) to create resident-led solutions to food access inequities in Everett. A two-year community organizing campaign guided by La Comunidad, Inc. led to the creation of Everett’s first community garden, the Florence Street Community Garden, in 2012.  Since then, ECG has created the Tremont Street Community Garden (2015), Earthworks Garden (2018) & the Northern Strand Community Farm (2016). 

We have also conducted land inventories to assess sites in the city suitable for urban agriculture, partnered with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and the City of Everett on Everett’s first Community Food Assessment and Plan, which includes policy recommendations for a more equitable food system.

Our Locations

ECG has numerous locations in Everett. We coordinate the Florence Street Community Garden, the Tremont Street Community Garden, and the Northern Strand Community Farm. 

Our Community Gardens

Florence Street Community Gardens- Est. 2012

Tremont Street Community Gardens- Est. 2015

For those interested in signing up to become a member at our Tremont St and Florence St Community gardens, we unfortunately have a wait list and due to COVID protocols, are unable to accept new applicants at this time.

The Northern Strand Community Farm
Est. 2016
  • In 2016, through a and inventory and assessment in Everett, we found a farm location. At the NSCF have been harvesting and donating our produce to the Bread of Life Food Pantry in Malden. We also conduct workshops and events at the farm.
  • We employed six youth crew members this season from the Everett Community, many of whom have worked for ECG for years.
  • This year we opened our first Northern Strand Community Farm Stand where we started accepting HIP (the healthy Incentives Program), SNAP, and P-EBT (Pandemic EBT).
  • Altogether, we harvested over 900 lbs, sold over 500 lbs, and donated over 380 lbs of our very own locally grown produce!

Check out NSCF 2020 Growing Season!

This past year the ECG Youth Crew worked hard to carry out our mission of serving fresh, affordable, produce to the Everett community and beyond!

Our Partners

Everett Safe and Welcoming Coalition

The Everett Safe and Welcoming Coalition at our Northern Strand Community Farm Location

Everett Community Growers (ECG) works with other local organizations through partnerships and coalitions to address issues important to our community, knowing that food access and food justice are connected to, and rooted in many systems that impact our residents. Two of these partnerships are the Everett Safe and Welcoming Coalition and the Everett Community Aid Network. 

The Everett Safe and Welcoming Coalition are made up of local and regional organizations (including La Comunidad, Inc., Everett Community Growers, ACLU of MA, MIRA, and the American Friends Service Committee) and Everett residents dedicated to improving the health and safety of our community by supporting resident-led policies that build the power of immigrant communities and create pathways to civic engagement and community-led decision-making. 

Everett Community Aid Network

Everett Community Aid Network (Everett CAN), consists of a group of volunteers and community-based organizations who are committed to sharing resources and creating connections within the community to provide support. We do this through a mutual aid model; residents sign up to give help and or receive help, and then we match them to community-based organizations or to other neighbors. The organizations (i.e. Everett Community Growers, La Comunidad, Inc., One Everett, Everett Education Coalition) and residents work to create this network. Everett CAN helps connect neighbors with needs, to neighbors who can meet those needs. 

En Español: Everett Community Aid Network (Everett CAN), consiste en un grupo de voluntarios y organizaciones comunitarias que se comprometen a compartir recursos y crear conexiones dentro de la comunidad para proporcionar recursos y apoyo. Hacemos esto a través de un modelo de ayuda mutua donde los residentes se inscriben para brindar ayuda o recibir ayuda, y luego los relacionamos con organizaciones comunitarias u otros vecinos. Las organizaciones (es decir, Everett Community Growers, La Comunidad, Inc., One Everett, Everett Education Coalition) y los residentes trabajan para crear esta red. Everett CAN ayuda a conectar a vecinos con necesidades, a vecinos que pueden satisfacer esas necesidades.

List of Resources

 In these fast-moving and uncertain times, it’s important that we show up for each other and remember that we are not alone. Mutual aid is a powerful way to build strong connections – we all have something to offer and we all have something we need.

Visit Everett CAN website* https://everettcan.com.
Join us on FACEBOOK https://tinyurl.com/EverettCOVIDFB.     
EMAIL us: EverettCAN02149@gmail.com. 
CALL us: (617) 329-5309

Lista de Recursos: En Español

 En estos tiempos rápidos e inciertos, es importante que nos apoyemos el uno al otro y recordar que no estamos solos. La ayuda mutua es una forma poderosa de construir conexiones sólidas: todos tenemos algo que ofrecer y todos tenemos algo que necesitamos.

CONSULTE LA PÁGINA WEB DE EVERETT CAN: https://everettcan.com/ 
REGÍSTRESE PARA DAR/ RECIBIR AYUDA (Otro): https://tinyurl.com/EverettCOVIDFormOtherLanguages  
ÚNASE A NOSOTROS EN FACEBOOK: https://tinyurl.com/EverettCOVIDFB
CARPETA DE RECURSOS DE ACCESO: https://tinyurl.com/EverettCOVID-Resources  

See ECG Partnerships page for more details on how to access support as an Everett resident, including additional information in Spanish, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole.

La Comunidad Inc.

”Serving and Educating our Community for a better future......"

La Comunidad, Inc. is ECG’s fiscal sponsor and a founding partner. La Comunidad Inc., is a non-profit organization founded to provide a better future to the Latin American Community in the city of Everett and surrounding areas.

For over fifteen years, the Executive Director of La Comunidad Inc., Antonio Amaya, has built a solid reputation as Everett’s most trusted community leader. La Comunidad, Inc. and all its’ members and volunteers are committed to offering quality service to the community. All the members believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable organization is the recipe for success to provide and better assist our customers.

Mission: Is committed to educating, organizing, and providing services in the following areas: Immigration, Community Organization, Adult Education, Social Services, Labor Rights & Public Information. La Comunidad promotes full integration of Latino immigrants into the mainstream society of Everett (and surrounding towns of Chelsea, Revere, East Boston, Somerville, Lynn and Malden which also contains large Latino immigration population.)

La Comunidad, Inc. encourages its constituency to share a sense of destiny, to be part of the movement of all immigrants to improve their status and create a pathway to a better future for themselves and their families. This vision includes progress in the areas of public service, economic opportunity, leadership, and participation in civic life.

Vision: La Comunidad Inc. envisions the Latin American immigrant population as becoming a community of self-sufficient individuals, able to declare themselves and make a difference in the neighborhoods and localities where they live.

Provided Services: The organization is committed to educate and serve in the following areas of interest: Immigration, Social Services, Education, Labor Rights, Community Organizing, and sharing public information. Assistance includes; translations, interpretations, notarization, letter of invitation, travel authorization for minors, tax returns, etc

En Español

La Comunidad, Inc es una organización sin fines de lucro fundada para proporcionar un futuro  major a la comunidad Latino-Americana en la ciudad de Everett y de sus alrededores.

Por más de quince años, el director ejecutivo de La Comunidad Inc., Antonio Amaya, ha construido una reputación sólida como un líder de confianza en la ciudad de Everett.​ La Comunidad, Inc. y todo su personal se compromote a proporcionar servicios de calidad a sus visitantes.  Quienes trabajamos en esta organización pensamos que la receta del éxito se basa en la honestidad, confianza y servico  costante que le proporcionamos a nuestros clients.

Meta: La meta para esta organizción es proporcionar la información de calidad  y educar  a nuestra comunidad Latino-Americana. 

Vision: La Comunidad Inc. pretende que la comunidad  latinoamericana  se sienta bien convirtiéndose en una población autosuficiente, capaz de identificarce asi misma y hacer la diferencia en sus vecindarios  y localidades donde reciden. Se enfoca en el servico  los inmigrantes que viven en la ciudad de Everett y sus alrededores. La Comunidad, Inc. anima a sus clientes  a compartir un sentido de destino, a ser parte del movimiento de todos los inmigrantes, mejorar su estatus y el de sus familias y crear un  camino para un mejor fututo. Esta visión incluye progreso en las áreas de servicio público, oportunidad económica, liderazgo y part cipación cívica.

Mision: La Comunidad, Inc. está comprometida educar, organizar y proveer servicios en las siguientes areas: Inmigración, Organización Comunitaria, Educación para Adultos, Servicios Sociales,  Derechos Laborales y compartir informes públicos laborales. La Comunidad, Inc. es dirigida y funcionada por voluntaries.