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Everett Community Growers: Growing our Community One Garden at a Time!

Everett Community Growers (ECG) is expanding in 2015, and we need your support! We have over 40 Everett families and community groups who want to participate in our community garden program, and we are working to go from running one community garden (the Florence Street Community Garden) to three! Building and maintaining these gardens takes a lot of resources – wood, soil, tools and other equipment and supplies to make these spaces beautiful, healthy and happy for our growers and neighbors!

Our goal is to not only offer space for Everett residents to grow their own fresh healthy food, but also to bring people together to celebrate the diverse ethnic and socio-economic fabric of our great City. In our one small community garden on Florence Street we have residents who speak 3 different languages and come from 6 different countries, and we all learn so much from one another – new words, new foods and new traditions. The success of this garden has led to many more residents wanting community gardens in their neighborhoods, and we want to make that happen in 2015!

Please help us on our journey with a donation!

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