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Welcome to the Everett Community Growers’ donation page! Your support is essential in helping us create thriving community gardens and farm programs for over 60 Everett families and community groups. By donating, you contribute to the expansion of our gardens and farms, enabling us to offer more space, resources, and educational opportunities for our growers and neighbors.

At Everett Community Growers, we are dedicated to fostering community engagement and promoting food security. Currently, we operate two community gardens: the Florence Street Community Garden and the Tremont Street Community Garden. In 2023, we aim to expand these gardens and enhance our farm and farmstand facilities, providing even more opportunities for residents to connect with nature, grow their own fresh and healthy food, and learn from one another’s diverse backgrounds and traditions.

Why Donate?

Maintaining and developing these community spaces requires significant resources, including wood, soil, tools, equipment, and supplies. Additionally, we rely on the dedication of volunteers and community members who contribute their time and expertise to make our gardens and farms beautiful and sustainable. Your donation directly supports our mission to combat health inequities, promote racial justice, and foster community ownership in Everett.

Impact of Your Donation:

  • Expanding garden space: Your contribution helps us create additional plots and garden beds, accommodating more Everett residents who wish to participate in our community gardening programs.
  • Enhancing farm facilities: With your support, we can invest in infrastructure improvements, such as irrigation systems, storage facilities, and equipment, to increase our farming capabilities and provide a better experience for all.
  • Educational opportunities: Your donation allows us to organize workshops, classes, and community events that educate participants about sustainable agriculture, healthy eating, and environmental stewardship.
  • Engaging diverse communities: By supporting Everett Community Growers, you play a crucial role in fostering cross-cultural exchange and building bridges among residents who speak different languages and come from various backgrounds.

How to Donate?

Your generosity matters! To make a donation to Everett Community Growers, just click on the DONATION link at the bottom. We accept secure online payments, and every contribution, no matter the amount, makes a meaningful impact on our organization and the communities we serve.


Thank you for supporting Everett Community Growers and being a part of our mission to create healthier, more inclusive, and sustainable neighborhoods through community gardening and farming initiatives.

ECG is a 501c3 non-profit organization

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