ARPA Advocacy

We all experienced the pandemic.

We did not all experience the same impacts.


The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is unprecedented Federal funding to “lay the foundation for a strong, equitable economic recovery…by addressing the systemic public health and economic challenges that may have contributed to more severe impacts of the pandemic among low-income communities and people of color.” 

The City of Everett received $47.1 Million Dollars

Everett Community Growers was invited to be a part of the “ARPA Advisory Panel” that the City of Everett formed. We had a representative from our team in attendance at the initial meeting in August of 2022. We provided feedback at that meeting that we believe community engagement and lifting those most impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic should be prioritized before determing what the funding will be spent on.

We joined with the One Everett Coalition in forming these 5 demands presented to the City Council and City leadership. We have not received a response.

Everett Community Growers will continue to participate as an member of the Advisory Panel and continue to encourage that additional and authentic community engagement efforts are made by the City of Everett

  • 1. That the City of Everett, and any entity acting on their behalf, immediately launch a dashboard on the City of Everett’s ARPA website page showing existing funds, expenditures, and commitments   
  • 2. That the City of Everett establish a Resident-Led Action Committee representative of the population and that they be given final authority over determination of funds           
  • 3. That all State and Federal grants, funding, and resources be identified and exhausted before committing ARPA funds to projects
  • 4. That the City of Everett commit the largest amount of ARPA dollars in the Public Health Allocation   
  •  5. That any Community Impact tool or solicitation of resident input give the opportunity to capture demographic data to weight the allocation priority to strategies benefiting those most impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic

Everett Community Growers and the One Everett Coalition are not affiliated with the Everett Youth Initiative Council, though we fully support their request to the City of Everett that $1 Million Dollars of ARPA funding be allocated to them to conduct a participatory budgeting process for and with the youth of Everett.

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